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I have played in a rock band (the Fingerpuppets with Hanne for about 8 years now. Hanne is off-the-charts phenomenal. This is not hyperbole.  I have to admit, when you look at Hanne, you don't think "drummer" because she's a beautiful, petite, blond woman, but then you hear her play, and what's so amazing is the power she wields. Her rhythm is unique and varied, but with the discipline of an atomic clock. You have to hear her to understand why I elevate her so highly. I cannot praise Hanne's skill enough. She is one-in-a-million. Plus, as a mother, she is a nurturer, so she cares about her students. She works hard to never alter their schedules (I know this because of gig conflicts!). More people should know about Hanne Andersen's skill as a drummer because she is kick-@$$ (sorry for the expletive, but it is warranted). Your band will improve with Hanna as a drummer. Your child will learn skills from Hanna that will stay with her or him all their lives. Good rhythm is something more people need. Hanne is a rhythm ace.

Jennifer Ball

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